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Red deer in the grazing project of the former military training area Schönower Heide, Germany.

Shortly from the city limits of Berlin lies the former military training area “Schönower Heide”. Today, the heath landscape, which has been placed under nature protection, provides a habitat for many protected animal and plant species. Year-round grazing by fallow deer, mouflon and red deer ensures that this will continue to be the case in the future.

Welcome Wolf!

Young wolf at Lake Bergen, Lusatian Lake Landscape, Germany.

In the last few centuries, the wolf was hunted intensively in Germany. Finally, in 1904 the last animal was shot. After the Second World War, wolves sporadically migrated into Germany. These were also shot.

Wolves have been under protection in Germany since 1990. Individual animals succeeded in settling in eastern Germany. In 2000, the first wolf pups were found in Upper Lusatia. With these pups, the first wolf pack was formed in Germany’s free wild since their extinction.

In the monitoring year 2021/22, 135 packs, 34 pairs, and 16 territorial individuals were documented in Germany. A total of 506 pups were born in 124 packs.

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