Meet Mareike


I’m a photographer and storyteller, specializing in wildlife, landscape and conservation topics.

My heart leaps for wild animals, big mountains and polar regions, but I love all things outdoors. I strive to show the immerse beauty that surrounds us and to give wildlife a voice. Always with the desire to give something back to our nature, I want to create photos and stories that make people see and think. Ultimately, I want my work to inspire change.

I’m based in Berlin, Germany, one of the greenest and most biodiverse cities in Europe. I graduated from the Technical University of Berlin with a Diploma in Tecnical Environmental Protection, and I earned a Master in Conservation at the University Rostock. I work as a project manager and I also run the travel blog “Fernweh-Motive”.

Photos, stories, information about prints and much more will be put online in the coming months. So check back regularly or subscribe to my newsletter so you won’t miss a thing.

Mareike Schadach

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